Common Types of Promotional Product

Promotional products are a great and cost effective way for businesses to reach out to their potential clients and customers. They offer the best way to increase the exposure of a business, increases brand recognition instantaneously, and boosts customer loyalty as well. They also help show the care the company has about its employees. Here is a list of some of the common types of promotional products, trending in 2018, which you can effectively use to promote your business without burning a hole in your pocket.

Wellness products: An increasing number of organisations are nowadays promoting healthy lifestyle… something that both customers and employees love to see. Fitness watches are the rage nowadays, are quite affordable and help show your care towards your clients and employees.

• Pens: They have been used for ages as a promotion medium and this trend still continues. Although one can opt for different makes of pens, those made of wood and adorned with semi precious jewellery are the most popular. The manufacturers, on request, will embed the name and contact information of your company on them.

• Wireless earbuds: The popularity of Bluetooth wireless earbuds are on the rise, particularly after Apple decided to eliminate the earphone plug from the latest models of their iPhones. Apart from being portable and light in weight, they offer you an excellent opportunity to display your logo or brand.

• Brain stress reliever: Available in the form of balls, they play a huge role in reinforcing the excellent reputation of your company, every time the recipient tosses or squeezes them. Available in a wide array of colours and made from squeezable polyurethane, they provide the ideal way to promote your advertising slogan or business logo.

• Mobile phone card holders: made from soft silicone and having a self adhesive back, they allow your employees and clients to attach them on the back of their mobile and use them to store a couple of business cards. You can rest assured that the recipient will love them.

You can search online for a wide range of other promotional products too. Ensure that you search for the same product in different stores and purchase your needs from the one that offers you the best value for your money. Most sellers include printing of your company’s name and logo for free if you purchase the promotional items in bulk.